Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jimmy Jim's Locker

Jennospot 73  Jimmy Jim's Locker

War is bloody awful, an' Oi do mean bloody! It jus' keep on an' on somewhere in the world, an' it don't stop, but it's about toime it did. An' most o' the toime, it's about somefink so bloody stupid (pardon moi adjective) that them wot starts it oughta 'ave their 'eads examined, partic'ly when they bring in the word "God". Cripes, it jus' shows as 'ow they don't understand nuffink about wot that word really means…

Any'ow, Oi'm so fed up wiv it, Oi wrote a poem; or rather Oi "adapted" one from P. St. J. It ain't very noice, so Oi 'ope as 'ow yew don't loike it. 'Ere it is:

The Label on Jimmy Jim's Locker

'Ee's real bright an' keen,
Soldier Jimmy, nineteen;
In 'is uniform new,
All derrin'-do,
And ready ter foight
Take up arms fer the roight.
Esprit de corps
"War ter end every war".
The label wot 'ee sticks on 'is locker.

Wiv barrack square drill,
They teach Jim 'ow ter kill.
Discipline please
"Shoulder arms. Stan' at ease".
When Jim swears the oath
Country first nuffink loath
'Ee underscores
War ter end all the wars
The label wot 'ee's stuck on 'is locker.

In battlefield 'ell
All is shot, shit and shell.
There Jimmy stands:
Is that blood on 'is 'ands?
As bombshells mushroom
Deadly blossoms in bloom
Can we be sure
This is war ter end war:
Loike the label wot's stuck on Jim's locker?

But where's Jimmy now?
'Ee ain't come fer 'is chow.
'Ee ain't in the mess
Or the barracks we guess.
Our Jim can't be found.
Jimmy's life is unwound.
All given for
Final warter end war
The label wot's on brave Jimmy's locker.

Our Jim seeks no shroud;
Jimmy, soldier so proud.
Jim underground
Goes ahead, onward bound.
Far better fer us
Ter discuss wivvout fuss
'Ow ter end war
No more war ter end war
The label wot's on Jimmy Jim's locker.

Luv from Jenno.

There ain't nuffink loike this in moi e-books, "Jenno's Widdlin'ton", an' "Jenno's Widdlin'ton II", 'cos there jus' ain't. Any'ow, they're free: an'

Peter St John don't mention it on 'is website neither ( 'cept in "Gang Warfare", but that's a diff'rent kind o' war any'ow.

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