Monday, 23 July 2012


Jennospot 74  Medallions

'Ave yew ever won a medal? Moi Mum 'as; an' so 'as Peter St John. Well, moi Mum nearly did. It were at the Widdlin'ton Village fête wot were intended ter raise some money ter buy a Spitfire fighter aircraft. The trouble was, that the fête kind of degenerated (oh, wot a great word that is!) inter a real free-fer-all barney. Yeah, ol' Mr Trundle, wot is the special constable, nearly 'ad ter call in reinforcements, only it started ter get dark an' there was a sort of a catastrophe (wow, anuvver super word!). Yew c'n read about it in "Gang Warfare" ( if'n yew loike.

Still an' all, moi Mum's chrysanthemums were in the front runnin' fer first prize in the flower show when somebody, wot shall be nameless, chucked 'em at Mrs Garman, an' after that they come out a bit crumpled, wot weren't no good fer winnin' medals. Nobody else didn't win nuffink neither.

Any'ow, Peter St John 'as jus' been awarded a medallion by the Book Readers Appreciation Group, fer 'is first book about the Widdlin'ton gangs. No kiddin'; yew c'n read about it, if'n yew want at Wot's more, 'ee didn't 'ave no problem loike wot moi Mum did, wiv chrysanthemums bein' chucked around, though Oi wouldn't moind bettin' as 'ow there's some, loike "The Slug" f'instance, wot wouldn't mind chuckin' a few plant pots at 'is 'ead.

Yeah, well, Oi ain't goin' ter go chuckin' any flowers at 'im mesself, even though "Gang Territory" ain't moi favourite, 'cos moi favourite is "Gang Loyalty". It's mostly about me, whereas there ain't a real lot about me in "Gang Territory" 'cept fer moi chicken shed an' me doin' ‘andstands. O' corse, that ain't got nuffink ter do wiv it. Oi jus' tell yew that, so's yew don't get the wrong idea, if'n yew see wot Oi mean.

Any'ow (an' don't go a-finkin' as 'ow Oi'm trying ter force yew, 'cos it ain't that at all) if yew'd loike ter see "Gang Territory", wot Peter St John got a medallion for, all yew gotta do is ter go ter (USA) or (UK), an' there it is.

There's an e-book version an' all on Amazon wot's got pictures in it. That's got the ASIN number B004UNFYCW.

That's all fer now about medallions an' chuckin' flowers around. Even so, Oi'm a-chuckin' yew a few roses.

Wiv luv from Jenno.

Oi don't reckon as 'ow moi Widdlin'ton books'll win any medals, 'cos they ain't that kind o' book. Any'ow, at least they're free: an'

Peter St John's website 'as got problems at the moment, so Oi don't reckon as 'ow it's goin' ter win any medallions. Any'ow, it's still more or less workin', so if'n yew'd loike ter learn more about moi favourite "Gang Loyalty" yew c'd take a look ( but don't go a-sayin' afterwards as 'ow Oi didn't warn yew.

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