Monday, 2 July 2012

Can You Cast Spells?

Jennospot 71  Can You Cast Spells?

D'yew know "The Little Prince" wot is a famous book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? It were Peter St John wot told me about it. 'Ee' also told me that the lady wot started and wot runs a special school called "Passe murailles, l'école de l'imaginaire" in Geneva, wrote a poem inspired by the Little Prince. 'Er name is Anne-Lise Brugger Grataloup ( Any'ow, Peter St J loiked this poem so much that 'ee translated it inter English. In case yew moight loike it too, 'ere it is, wiv the original below:

Let's Leap Walls

by Anne-Lise Brugger Grataloup

Tell me...
Can you cast spells:
The Art of Wonder,
The Art of Dwelling Outside Time
And in limitless Space?

Tell me…
Can you cast spells?

Deluded friends,
Like me, condemned
To run breathless…

Know that Oedipus has guessed aright,
The riddle is solved, and man explained!
Agreed, say the myths,
But now he must prove himself.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells?

Then suppose we dream…

Of leaping walls
Of dancing with the wind,
Of flying in the arms of angels…
Let's become plants, and flowers in fields
Cradled by dewy breezes

Let's open our eyes
On moonless nights;
To recognise the star that shines for us
And laughs,
In memory of the sand,
In memory of a well…

In the bright heaven of our hopes
A little prince tends
His rose,
Lovely in its silk
Which dares
Declare a useless faith
In seeming claws,
And worries for
The caterpillar
Becoming butterfly.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells,
The Art of Wonder,
The Art of a sheep inside a box
And of a serpent hat?

Suppose we go…

To the desert's heart
Where gleams
The source!
Let's drink its limpid
Let's fill to the brim our flasks
And go on,
Magic, Art, and Wonder
As our companions.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells…?

Luv from Jenno.

If yew loike leapin' walls, there's quite a bit of it, (if''n yew get moi meanin') in Peter St John's e-book edition of "Gang Territory" wot is on free download from 4 ter 8 July. (USA) or (UK).

By the way, don't ferget moi two e-books, "Jenno's Widdlington", an' "Jenno's Widdlington II". They ain’t exactly about castin' spells, but they're free at any rate: an'

Passons murailles

Anne-Lise Brugger Grataloup

Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement,
L'Art de La Merveille,
L'Art de la Vie dans le Non-Temps
Et dans l'Espace sans limites ?
Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement ?

Amis illusionnés
Comme moi condamnés
A courir

Œdipe a vaincu pourtant
L'énigme est résolue et l'homme deviné !
Oui-dà, ce, disent les contes :
Lui reste à s'éprouver

Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement…

Alors… si nous rêvions…

Passons murailles,
Dansons le vent,
Volons aux bras des anges…
Devenons herbe et fleur de champs
A la rosée berçante.

Ouvrons les yeux
Les nuits sans lune,
Reconnaissons l'étoile,
Celle qui pour nous s'allume
Et rit,
En souvenir d'un sable,
En souvenir d'un puits…

Aux ciel joli de nos espoirs
Un petit prince soigne
Sa rose
Belle en sa soie
Qui ose
L'aveu d'une inutile défense
Et se soucie du devenir
De la chenille
En papillon.

Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement,
L'Art de la Merveille,
L'Art de la caisse et du mouton
Et du chapeau-serpent ?

Si nous allions…

Aux creux de ce désert
Où rayonne
La source !
Buvons sa claire
Remplissons bien nos outres
Et repartons,
Enchantement, Art
Et Merveille
Pour compagnons.

Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement… ?

Cripes, Oi'm enchanted…


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