Sunday, 8 July 2012


Jennospot 72  Handstands

Oi ain't really got nuffink (much) against boys not doin' 'andstands, but if'n they don't wanna get the advantages from doin' 'em, well, all Oi c'n say is that it's their stupid lookout.

Us girls, we're sensible, 'cos we do 'andstands most ev'ry day when it's foine wevver, 'cos when it rains, there's ain't much room in the schoolyard shelter. Besides, it ain't got no wall ter rest yer 'eels against when yer upside-down, if'n yew see wot Oi mean.

Any'ow, we all know about gravity. It's that stuff wot were invented by Isaac Newton, wot makes soapbox carts go down'ill, wivvout yew 'avin' ter push 'em. So it stands ter reason, that when yew're upside-down, the blood wot normally 'as ter go up ter reach yer brain, goes down, wot is more easier than goin' up.


But ter work real good, yer brain needs lotsa oxygen, an' it's the blood wot carries oxgen ter yer brain. So it's logick, ain't it? When yer upside-down, loike when yew do 'andstands, it's good fer yer brain. It don't need no genius ter work that out. That means, that doin' 'andstands makes yew cleverer than them wot don't do 'andstands.

That's why us girls are more intelligent than wot boys are. An' the proof of that is that boys fink doin' 'andstands is sissy. See wot Oi mean? 'Nuff said. Jus' try it fer yerself an' yew'll see…

Luv from Jenno.

There ain't nuffink about 'andstands in moi e-books, "Jenno's Widdlin'ton", an' "Jenno's Widdlin'ton II" That's because Oi 'adn't thought of it yet. Any'ow, they're free: an'

Peter St John don't mention it on 'is website neither ( but then 'ee don't never do 'andstands; wot explains lotsa fings about 'im…

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