Saturday, 9 March 2013


Jennospot 94 Spring

Spring will soon be 'ere.

Oi always know when it's goin' ter be Spring a-cause of the ants. Ev'ry year, jus' about this time, they start a-wanderin' around in the kitchen lookin fer somefink ter eat. Oi recken as 'ow they must be newly'atched young'uns because the old'uns know already that there ain't much ter find in moi kitchen. Still an' all, they go searchin' around all 'opeful loike, jus' in case somebody 'as dropped a jammy crumb o' bread or a few grains o' sugar. Wot they loike best is a bit o' meat, but we don't get much o' that, an' any'ow we always wash up roight after ev'ry meal, so that don't 'elp the ants too much.
Yeah, but sometimes we ferget to pick up Cat's dish after 'ee's finished 'is breakfast or 'is supper, an' then don't the ants 'ave a real treat! Cripes, they call all their mates ter join in. They come from somewhere by thousands, an' Cat's dish looks loike somebody 'as sprinkled black pepper all over it only it's movin' around, an' the pepper ‘as a long black tail 'eadin' back ter the ants' nest wot Oi can’t never find.
Not only that, if nobody notices, an' the dish is left out all noight, next morning, it's so clean yew'd fink it 'ad just come out of the washin' up. But even though it's so clean we wash it up all the same, ovverwise Cat would probably be a bit miffed, though yew wouldn't fink it given the mucky ol' stuff  loike mice an' crickets wot 'ee catches ter eat outside…
But a forgotten Cat's dish aside, loike Oi were a-sayin', there ain't much ter please the ants inside, so they get the message, an' after a couple o' weeks they don't come in loike they did at first. Besides, it's getting' warmer outside, so they don't need ter warm their little feet an' feelers in the kitchen no more. An' any'ow, there's more ter be found in the garden fer 'em, wiv much less useless wanderin' around.

Sometoimes Oi wonder, wiv ants bein' so small an' all, wevver they can't see, or smell, or taste, single molecules of stuff, wot we can't do, 'cos we're so big.
Any'ow, Spring ain't far off, an' though Oi don't care overmuch fer ants, specially not the bitin' kind, Oi'm sorta glad ter see 'em ev'ry year, aren't yew?

Wishin' yew an 'appy Spring time, wiv luv from Jenno…