Monday, 29 October 2012

A New Label?

Jennospot 85  A New Label?


Yesterday, Peter St John 'ad some writer friends over at 'is place ter talk about poetry an' lit'ry stuff loike that. Peter showed 'em a poem wot 'ee wrote a little while ago, an' since it's that toime o' year when we fink about armistice, an' our soldiers an' such, they reckoned as 'ow it would be good ter share it wiv ovver people. So 'ere it is, fer yew:

The Label on Jimmy Jim's Locker

He's so bright and keen,

Soldier Jimmy, nineteen.

Uniform new;

All derring-do,

And ready to fight—

Take up arms for the right.

Esprit de corps—

"War to end every war".

The label he sticks on his locker.


With barrack square drill,

They prepare Jim to kill.

Discipline please—

"Shoulder arms. Stand at ease".

When Jim swears the oath

Country first— nothing loath—

He underscores

War to end all the wars—

The label he's stuck on his locker.


In battlefield hell

All is shot, shit and shell.

There Jimmy stands:

Is that blood on his hands?

As bombshells mushroom—

Deadly blossoms in bloom—

Can we be sure

This is war to end war:

Like the label that's stuck on Jim's locker?


But where's Jimmy now?

He's not come for his chow.

Not in the mess—

Or the barracks we guess.

Our Jim can't be found.

Jimmy's life is unwound.

All given for

Final war— to end war—

The label on brave Jimmy's locker.


Our Jim seeks no shroud;

Jimmy, soldier so proud.

Jim underground

Goes ahead, onward bound.

Far better for us

To discuss without fuss

How to end war—

No more war to end war—

A new label for Jimmy Jim's locker?.

Wiv luv from Jenno

By the way, if'n yew'd loike ter know more about Peter St John yew c'd go, if'n yew want, ter:

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