Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Valentine fer Yew

Jennospot 54  A Valentine fer Yew

Yeah, well, It's the middle o' Feb'ry an so it's around that toime when we fink special o' love an' all that mushy kind o' stuff. Yew c'n find love all around, if'n yew look real good. There are some wot reckon that the birds get married on 14 Feb'ry, an' p'raps that ain't wrong, though personally, when Oi look outta the winder at the snow, Oi reckon that's fer the birds. Any'ow, wot is certain is that around now they get a-billin' an' a-cooin', an' all of a sudden it's Easter, wiv all them eggs, so they musta got married sometime before, an' why not in Feb'ry?

Any'ow, when yew look around, yew c'n see ovver kinds o' love loike all them parents wot love their children, even when the kids don't really deserve it. An' then there's all that stuff in books an' at the cinema. But that's only second'and love, wot ain't so valuable as the genuine first'and article. Still an' all, it gives yew the idea, 'cos yew c'n feel it.

Some people only love once, wot is a bit of a pity, unless it were an on-goin' everlastin' love sorta fing. An' then there are ovvers wot can't 'elp themselves fallin' in love ev'ry five minutes. That's a pity too, 'cos their love gets kinda diluted; if'n yew see wot Oi mean. Unless, that is, it's a kinda all-envelopin' altruistic sort o' love, an' that's real top super.

If'n yew wanta find love, all yew gotta do is make a start. The best place ter start is right there where yew are, 'cos yew c'n love yerself, an' from that beginnin', if'n yew do it roight, it c'n kinda spread around ter lots of ovvers; that is, if'n yew open up yer 'eart an' give ter them wot yew meet. If yew show yer love ter them, then they'll love you roight back, an' that's real super too. It ain't real 'ard ter do; all yew gotta do is start-off an' give it a go…

Quite often the world seems sorta sad an' lonely, but if'n yew give it a smile, even jus' a little'n, then people will smile back at yew. Well, mostly they will, if yer smile is fer them an' not only fer yerself. All yew gotta do is try it, an' yew'll see.

Cripes, we're all in this tergevver, so smile, love a little. Write that letter; use yer 'phone; say 'allo. It's St Valentine…
Luv from Jenno

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