Saturday, 4 February 2012

Jennospot 53  Moi Book is Out!

Last week Oi told yew as ow Oi was puttin' tergevver a book. Well, now it's done, an' Smashwords (cripes, wot a shudderin' sort o' noime!) 'as kindly put it up fer free wiv all their ovver books. Yew can see it, if'n yew want, at Any'ow, the last fing wot Oi did before sending it off was ter write a preface. Oi thought maybe Oi'd loike ter share it wiv yew, seein' as 'ow it's moi very first book; so 'ere it is:

Preface (by Jenno)

Ain’t “preface” a funny sorta word? It’s kinda loike me facing up ter wot yew’re goin’ ter get. Any’ow, Oi ‘ad the idea that Oi ought ter say somefink at the beginnin’ ter get yew ready fer wot comes after, ‘cos it ain’t always easy ter unnerstan’, even fer me; an’ cripes, that’s saying somefink.

The fing is, that lately, Oi’ve been puttin’ stuff up on Facebook (not prefacebook!). There’s a few people around wot seem ter loike wot Oi put there, so Oi decided ter collect it all tergevver in one place, as it were. An’ then Oi added a little bit more about moi village o’ Widdlin’ton, jus’ ter give yew good measure.

Peter St John ‘elped a bit at the start, but then ‘ee kept on, an’ on, about ‘ow moi writin’ weren’t all wot it could be. Well Oi know that already, don’t Oi? So Oi didn’t need ‘im ter tell me. An’ so Oi told ‘im straight out, that if’n ‘ee were a-finkin’ that Oi’m goin’ ter write posh English, jus’ ter please ‘im, an’ then lose all moi friends down the Lane wot’ll start believin’ that Oi’m suddenly puttin’ on ‘igh an’ mighty airs, then ‘ee c’n jolly well fink again.

Same goes fer yew. If’n yew don’t loike the way Oi write, then yew c’n always look at the pictures; there's plenty of 'em. It’s all free, so yew ain’t got nuffink ter complain about. Besides, ‘oo’s book is it anyway?

If’n yew’d loike ter see some stuff about me wot’s a bit posher, yew c’d take a look at Peter St John’s “Gang” books wot are all on

Any’ow, ‘ere we go wiv moi book…

Wiv luv from Jenno.

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