Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jenno's Sunday

Jennospot 55  Sunday

Cripes, it's Sunday agen already. Wot 'appened ter the week? Any'ow, it's toime ter write anovver blog; an' since it's Sunday, that's wot Oi'm goin' ter give yew, so…


Oi give yew Sunday.

Some people reckon as 'ow Sunday is the last day of the week, 'cos o' wot it says in Genesis about God restin'. Ovvers say as 'ow it's the first day, when God made light wiv the sun. In the finish, Oi don't reckon it matters all that much. Wot matters, is that's it's a day wot goes a bit quieter that the ovvers, when yew c'n be wiv yer friends an fam'ly, go a bit slower, an' enjoy yerself; don't yew fink?

The last week went by real fast fer me, but then it usually does, 'cos there's a lotta stuff wot 'as ter be done, an' if'n yew look at it roight, in a outgoin' sorta way, then it kinda don't take up much toime… even when it does… if'n yew see wot Oi mean…

The clock sorta stops on Sunday; leastways, it goes it bit slower; an' then yew c'n 'ibernate a bit, specially when it's cold an' snowy outside, loike wot it is fer me at the moment; though it mayn't be fer yew. Depends on where yew are, don't it? Any'ow, on Sundays, Oi start ter fink about fings, an' about people too. Oi fink about moi blog an' wonder about the people 'oo read it. Yeah, that's yew wot Oi'm talkin' about. Oi wonder wot yew are loike, an' wot yew would loike me ter put in moi blog. P'raps yew've got a blog an' all; wot makes us bloggers tergevver. Oi loike that idea…

Still an all, that ain't got nuffink ter do wiv Sunday, an' Oi'm supposed ter be givin' yew somefink about that. Cripes, when yew come roight down ter it, Oi ain't got much ter give at all, 'cept moi writin', an' moi free book wot's on It ain't much, but at least it don't cost yew nuffink, so yew can't really expect too much fer that, can yew? At any rate, it's about me, so there's a lotta movement in it, even though it's Sunday. Well, that's me, ain't it?

Most of us ain't got much choice 'cept ter be in motion in the commotion wot is life itself. Yew gotta sympathise wiv them wot can't be movin', 'cos that usually means that they ain't awake, that they're sick, or crippled, or worse... unless, because it's Sunday, they're jus' restin', an' that's real okay.

'Cos by restin' a bit, yew c'n renew yerself, ready ter get inter motion agen fer the week wot's a-comin'. So 'ave yerself a good restful, renewin' Sunday, an' a super week full o' 'appy movement.

Luv from Jenno

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