Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Doin' Nuffink

Jennospot 78  Doin' Nuffink

Yeah, Oi know it don't sound much loike me, but sometimes Oi loike jus' sittin' down an' doin' nuffink. It feels kinda noice jus' sittin', an' watchin', an' breathin'. Nuffink much 'appens, but Oi reckon as 'ow it's nat'ral ter do nuffink 'cept ter simply be a-waitin' fer wot's all around, inside an' outside, ter stop bein' afraid. Then it c'n come up real close so's yew c'n say “hello”.

But don't yew go away wiv the idea that Oi don't loike doin' fings. Oi reckon as 'ow Oi do as many fings as wot most people do; more even. Moi bruvver Braces, fer instance, reckons as 'ow Oi'm always a-pokin' moi nose inter fings wot don't concern me, never moind doin' soapbox cart racin' wiv moi cart “Emmeline P”. Wot 'ee don't realize is that all them fings are interestin'. 'Ow c'n Oi learn 'ow the world works if'n Oi don't take an interest?

Oi c'n tell yew one fing though; jus' sittin' around, watchin' and a-waitin' c'n also 'elp yew ter learn about fings, 'cos it sorta brings separate fings tergevver ter make a new whole wot yew ain't never seen before. P'raps that's why moi bruvver is more scattier that wot Oi am, even though 'ee's a year older, 'cos 'ee don't do that. Yeah, 'ee troies ter put it over on me because 'ee's older an' 'ee's a boy, but Oi don't let 'im get away wiv it; well, not usually any'ow. Sometoimes Oi let 'im fink 'ee's got away wiv it fer the sake o' peace an' quiet. Besides, then Oi c'n go away somewhere by mesself, loike down the garden, ter do a bit o' nuffink fer a while.

Our chickens 'ave got a place where they live down the garden. It's noice ter 'ear them cluckin' away, in the shade when Oi'm there doin' nuffink. It's kinda soothin', if'n yew know wot Oi mean. It's extra-specially noice when moi bruvver's been a bit over the top wiv 'is everlastin' crowin' about 'ow 'ee's older than wot Oi am an' so 'ee knows better than wot Oi do about ev'ryfink. Any'ow, 'ee's not top of 'is class, nor is 'ee in Miss Hangar's special projects group, loike wot Oi am; so there!

Oi say that Oi go down the garden. Actually Oi ought ter say up the garden, 'cos our 'ouse is built on a slope, see. Any'ow, up the garden beyond the chickens, is where Peter lives. 'Ee ain't so bad 'imself at doin' nuffink neither. Sometoimes we do it tergevver on the steps of 'is shed, an that's real noice. Now Oi don't want yew ter start misunderstandin', 'cos 'is sainted aunt really keeps 'im on the run, cleanin' 'er 'ouse, doin' er garden, cookin', runnin' er errands an' busy stuff loike that, so 'ee ain't got much toime fer doin' nuffink. But she 'as ter go out ter work a lot, so that gives 'im a few moments now an' again.

Oi reckon as 'ow it'd be a good fing if more people 'ad more toime fer doin' nuffink. Oi reckon as 'ow that'd be good fer ev'rybody; 'specially moi bruvver.

Oi'm goin' ter shut up now, so's yew c'n 'ave a few minutes yerself terday fer doin' nuffink. If'n yew ain't never done it before, give it a try now; yew moight be really surprised…

Wiv love from Jenno.

Jus' ter show yew that Oi do fings as well as doin' nuffink, Oi made a couple o' digital books this year. They are called, "Jenno's Widdlin'ton", an' "Jenno's Widdlin'ton II". Yew c'n download 'em if'n yew loike. They're a bit loike doin' nuffink 'cos they don't cost nuffink: http://www.smashwords.com/b/128813 an' http://www.smashwords.com/b/166979

An if'n yew'd loike ter know a bit more about Widdlin'ton yew c'd take a look at Peter St John's website: (http://www.peterstjohn.net/index.htm). Doin' nuffink? Cripes, wouldn't 'ee jus' laugh…

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