Monday, 14 May 2012


Jennospot 66  Squirrels

There's a big walnut tree in Peter St John's garden. It's got squirrels. Yeah, them little auburn furry animals, wot run around an' jump, an' eat nuts. Well, that's okay, 'cos they're real pretty an' amusin', 'cept when they get up inter Peter's roof. 'Ee troid finding out 'ow they get in; an' 'ee blocked up all the 'oles wot 'ee c'd find, only it didn't do no good, they still kept on a-comin' in. So in the finish 'ee gave up, an' jus' wrote a poem about it. In case yew moight loike it, 'ere it is:

House Squirrels

There are squirrels in my ceiling.
There are bumps and little thumpings.
Bringing me the oddest feeling—
Ghostly sounds of bounds and jumpings.

I can't see who's romping up there,
But when autumn leaves are falling
Squirrels store their walnuts up where
It's quite safe for cubbyholing.

There are squirrels in my rafters—
At least two; their fleet feet scratching
On the beams, with muffled laughters,
Slyly scuffling mischief hatching.

Three or four play on the roof ties
With rumbustious, rowdy clawing.
My noisy ceiling signifies
Busy squirrels acorn storing.

Lively antics in the attic
Every day around the nightfall,
Rush about, (they're never static)
Playing noisy, nutty football.

Squatter squirrels in the loft, where
Furry friends rejoin the home teams
For squirrel soccer up the stair,
Punting acorns round the roof beams.

The noise they make—and everyday—
My ceiling squirrels: you may scoff;
But when they play, it's no ballet—
They ought to take their boots off!

By the way, don't ferget moi e-book, "Jenno's Widdlin'ton". There ain’t no squirrels in it, but it's free:

An' then there's Peter St John's website:
Yew c'n go squirrelin’ around on it, if'n yew loike, but it ain’t got no squirrels neither…

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