Sunday, 20 May 2012

Real Special

Jennospot 67  Real Special

Sometimes the day begins wiv a clear mornin', an' be'ind all them little indoor sounds of life startin' up, it's all kinda silent outside. That's when Oi reckon as 'ow it's a good toime ter lie in bed an' grasp a-hold o' the deep silence wot is be'ind all them mischievous interferin' sounds o' livin'…

It's the moment when yew c'n find a sorta tremblin' space inside yerself, a sorta space wot yew c'n almost touch, wot yew c'n foller down an' down inside yerself to where it's always silent, 'cept fer yer breathin' an' the beat o' yer 'eart. It's the space where yew live; it's the space wot is really yew.

Fer me it's a roight quiet place, a still place. It's a place wot goes beyond sound, where Oi c'n be jus' me. It's where Oi c'n be jus' me wivvout no name, wivvout nuffink, except jus' me.

In that place, Oi c'n be 'appy jus' enjoyin' bein' wiv mesself. An' if'n Oi keep real still in this silent part o' mesself, Oi c'n start feelin' as 'ow strong Oi c'n be, 'cos Oi c'n fill mesself up wiv that kinda force wot comes from jus' bein' alive. Oi c'n fill mesself up wiv the sort o' power wot comes from the silence o' mesself, an' from ev'ryfink else wot is.

When Oi'm there, Oi don't weigh nuffink, an' that's real relaxin' loike. When Oi'm there, Oi c'n know, wivvout really finkin' about it, wot a 'wunnerful creative sort o' bein' Oi really am; a bein' wot c'n touch ev'ryfink wot is, jus' by lookin' out from be'ind moi eyes. An' then Oi know that livin' is somefink wot is full o' energy. An' when Oi know that, then evr'yfink starts lookin' new, jus' loike Oi were seein' it fer the very first toime... 'cept that it ain't the first toime, an' that makes it even better.

Cripes, then Oi know that Oi'm special, jus' loike everybody else, an' ev'ryfink else is special: Yew too. Real special…

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