Monday, 19 March 2012

March Daffodils

Jennospot 59  March Daffodils
"Daffy-down-dilly is come up to town, in her yellow petticoat and her green gown."
That's wot the kids sing at school, but Oi don't know as 'ow the daffodils 'ave really come up ter town, 'cos Widdlin'ton is only a village. Wot Oi do know, is that we're in the month o' March, an' there's lotsa daffodils come out already. They look roight pretty in the garden, an' we've 'ad quite a lotta warm sunshine too, wot brings everyfink wot grows, on loike. Oi jus' 'ope there ain't goin' ter be too much wind, 'cos that knocks 'em down, wot is a pity.
Well, yew know wot they say about March: it comes in loike a lamb an' goes out loike a lion. So Oi got moi fingers crossed that the lion ain't a-goin' ter be too fierce this year.
Yeah, an' the birds are at it an' all. There's a little yeller bird wot's been comin' round the 'ouse a-tappin' on the winder-panes. Oi reckon 'ee see's 'imself reflected in the glass, an' finks it's a rival wot 'ee's gotta chase away. We 'ave ter draw the curtains 'cos the tappin' all day long gets on yer wick after a while. The bird is called a yeller-'ammer. Ain't surprisin' wiv 'is everlasting tappin'.
The blackbirds are squabblin' an' all, 'cos they've gotta make sure they've got a territory, loike us gangs. Lucky they don't 'ammer on the winders loike the yeller bird, ovverwise they'd break the glass. Yeah, the blackbirds are bigger. They sing real noice though.
Speakin' o' daffodils, Ol' Will Shakespeare wrote a little poem about them wot yew moight loike:
"When daffodils begin to peer
With hey the doxy over the dale,
Why then comes in the sweet of the year
And the red blood reigns in the winter's pale."
Oi ain't too sure about the meanin' o' the word "doxy", Oi fink it's a kinda sweetheart. Any'ow, Oi s'pose ol' William knew wot 'ee was talkin' about wiv that, an' wiv the red blood reignin' full o' life. It sounds noice any'ow, don't yew fink?
So now Oi'm goin' ter end by writin' it agen, an' Oi'm doin' it special fer yew: Hey, yew the doxy over the dale… 'ave yerself a red-blooded 'appy finish ter the month of March.
Luv from Jenno.

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  1. my most favorite flower the daffodil. That is why going to England in March is my favorite time because the loads and loads of daffodils. Of course we have lots and lots here too but there is just something special about the British Daffodil.