Thursday, 8 March 2012

Let's Leap Walls

Jennospot 58  Let's Leap Walls

Terday Oi'm goin' ter give yew a poem by Anne-Lise Brugger GrataLoup. It were inspired by "The Little Prince" of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The pictures come from 'is book, "Le petit prince", an' it were Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wot drew 'em.

Anne-Lise, created an' runs a special school in Geneva called, "Passe murailles, l'Ecole de l'imaginaire". It were Peter St John wot done the translation inter English from Anne-Lise's poem.

Let's Leap Walls

Tell me…

Can you cast Spells:

The art of Wonder,

The art of Dwelling Outside Time

In Space beyond limit?

Tell me…

Can you cast Spells?

You, my misguided contemporaries,

Like me condemned

To run

Ever breathless…

Tell me…

Can you cast Spells…?

Then suppose we dream…

Of leaping walls;

Dancing with the wind;

Flying arm in arm with angels;

Becoming herbs and flowers in fields

Rocked by dewy breezes

Let's open our eyes

To moonless nights:

Recognize the star which shines for us

And laugh,

Remembering the sand,

Remembering the well...

In the bright sky of our hopes

A little prince tends

His rose.

Lovely in its silk

Which dares

Declare a faith in seeming thorns

And worries for

The caterpillar

Becoming butterfly.

Tell me…

Can you cast Spells;

The Art of Wonder,

The Art of a sheep inside a box

And of a serpent hat?


Suppose we go…

To the heart of that desert

Where gleams


The source!

Let's drink its limpid


Let's fill up our flasks

And go on,

Magic, Art and Wonder

For our friends.

Tell me…

Can you cast Spells?

And now, wot really oughtta come first but Oi put it second 'cos ovverwise yew English readers moight not never read any of it, 'ere's the original:

Passons murailles


Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement,

L'Art de La Merveille,

L'Art de la Vie dans le Non-Temps

Et dans l'Espace sans limites ?


Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement ?

Vous, mes contemporains illusionnées

Comme moi condamnés

A courir


Alors… si nous rêvions…

Passons murailles,

Dansons le vent,

Volons aux bras des anges…

Devenons herbe et fleur de champs

A la rosée berçante.

Ouvrons les yeux

Les nuits sans lune,

Reconnaissons l'étoile,

Celle qui pour nous s'allume

Et rit,

En souvenir d'un sable,

En souvenir d'un puits…

Au ciel joli de nos espoirs

Un petit prince soigne

Sa rose

Belle en sa soie

Qui ose

L'aveu d'une inutile défense


Et se soucie du devenir

De la chenille

En papillon.


Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement,

L'Art de la Merveille,

L'Art de la caisse et du mouton

Et du chapeau-serpent ?


Si nous allions…

Au creux de ce désert

Où rayonne


La source !

Buvons sa claire


Remplissons bien nos outres

Et repartons,

Enchantement, Art

Et Merveille

Pour compagnons.


Connaissez-vous l'Enchantement… ?

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