Sunday, 1 January 2012

Jennospot 49 Jus' Flyin' By

Oi'm jus' flyin' by wiv a message fer terday, wot is the first day, in the first month of a new year. So Oi 'ope the year's goin' ter work out 'appy fer ev'ry one, including yew.

If'n yew'd loike more from me, c'd Oi please ask yew ter wait a bit, 'cos there's been a lotta celebratin' lately, an' it sometimes takes a little while before fings settle down ter normal... if'n yew see wot Oi mean.

Of course, if'n  yew're short on stuff ter read, an' only if'n yew loike, yew c'd always take a peek at wots jus' been updated. Yeah, an' cripes, it's now got no fewer than five coloured pictures of me in it, not countin' the one, wiv me in a different hairstyle on the front of a new paperback edition of "Gang Territory". Cripes, Oi've become a cover girl. No, really, it's true...

Anyow, 'Appy New Year!

Till soon...

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