Monday, 30 January 2012

Jenno's Widdlington

Jennospot 52   Jenno’s Widdlington

Oi ain’t ’ad a moment lately ter do moi blog ‘cos Oi’ve been puttin’ tergevver my very first book. Sorry about that. Since it’s moi first, it goes a bit slow, if’n yew see wot Oi mean. But at least Oi’ve got the cover done, so Oi thought as ‘ow Oi’d show it to yew already.

Any’ow, it ain’t really wot yew’d call a full-blown book loike a novel, but more of a kind of a booklet. Even so, it’s got nearly a hundred pages. Cripes, an' each page ‘as got a picture on it, wot ain’t nuffink yew c’n sneer at; when yew fink about it.

Fact is, it’s a collection of the stuff wot Oi put up on Facebook over the past year. An’ jus’ ter make it a bit more interestin’ loike, Oi’ve put in some extra bits about moi village of Widdlin’ton. There’s pictures of some of the people wot live there an’ all. They may not loike ‘em p’raps, but there ain’t nuffink Oi c’n do about that, ‘cos it ain’t their book, see.

Besides, they ain’t payin’ fer it neither, ‘cos Oi’m goin’ ter put it up on the web ter be downloaded free; that is, if’n Oi can, ‘cos Oi ain’t too sure yet ‘ow ter do it.  O’ course, them wot got’s their picture in it moight wanna pay me not ter show their picture, but Oi ain’t goin’ ter be bought, nor even ter be threatenened, not even if’n it’s that there bullyin’ “Slug” wot wants ‘is picture taken out. So that’s that.

Still an all, moi book ain’t quite ready yet, but as soon as it is, Oi’ll let yew know.

Till then, Oi wish yew ‘appy days.

Luv from Jenno

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