Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Jennospot 127: Humpty Dumpty


Oi reckon as ‘ow most people know the old rhyme about a haughty fellow wot got ‘imself up on an ‘igh wall, an’ then fell down cos ‘ee got real dizzy wiv ‘imself. Any’ow, fer some reason, P St J felt as ‘ow ‘ee ought ter bring the rhyme up ter date a bit. So ‘ere it is, wiv a picture an’ all. Oi ‘ope yew loike it:

Humpty Trumpty
Hail temporal lord of lofty walls,
Gold-yellow crowned in splendour.
Come uply up from towering halls,
Hugely upnot to offend a member of the female gender
But make us great, where all was small before,
And scorn the lore of those who keep the law.

But some know well that treacherous winds may bigly blow
Despite terrific speeches and all show. They know
Of weakness in a wall that shakes
And twitter-topple he who takes
Amazing stance upon the height.
To downward plunge in awesome flight.

For higher rise brings greater fall
The loftiest wall the worst of all.
A mighty crash upon the ground.
And then discordant trumpets sound.
For all the force and all the men
Cannot lift golden Lord again.

©Peter St John

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