Sunday, 19 July 2015

Jenno's Greenhouse

Jennospot 124  Jenno’s Greenhouse
‘Ave yew got a green’ouse?

We ain’t got one in our garden ‘cos the chicken run already takes up a lot o’ room. But that don’t really matter ‘cos there’s some people wot reckon as ‘ow the whole World is a green’ouse an’ we’re makin’ it ‘otter an’ ‘otter by breathin’ out carbon dioxide, an’ riding around in motor cars, an’ such ovver stuff wot makes carbon dioxide, so it’s all our own stupid fault.

Any’ow, there’s a whole lot o’ argy-bargy goin’ on about all that; even about wevver it really is getting’ ‘otter. Yew see, the trouble is that the World ain’t got no fundamental orifice where yew c’n stick a thermometer -- not loike me when Oi ‘ad the chicken pox -- so yew’ve got ter work out wot yew fink the average temperature is in real complicated ways.

Well them wot believe as ‘ow we all live in a green’ouse wot’s getting’ 'otter an’ ‘otter, c’n believe it if’n they want, but it don’t seem ter make a whole lot o’ sense ter me, ‘cos the air in a green’ouse gets ‘ot when the sun shines ‘cos the air can’t get out through the glass, wot ain’t the case out in the World.

Besides, there ain’t normally no clouds in a green’ouse, an’ if’n yew fink about it, it’s when there are fewer clouds that it gets ‘ot. When there are more of ‘em their shadder cools fings down. So Oi reckon as ‘ow clouds ‘ave got a real lot ter do wiv whevver it gets ‘otter or colder.

An wot makes clouds?

Nobody don’t yet really know fer certain all about that, ‘cos it’s real complicated, jus’ loike wot measurin’ the temperature of the whole World is. Even so, it ain’t no secret as ‘ow the sun ‘as a lot ter do wiv makin’ clouds, an’ the sun ‘as been actin’ real peculiar lately. An’ Oi don’t reckon as ‘ow temperature ‘as much ter do wiv a real little bit o' gas loike wot yew find in a green’ouse, even if’n the green’ouse is as big as the whole World.

Any’ow, Oi’m goin’ ter show yew a few pictures wot’ll p’raps give yew a bit of an idea of wot Oi’m on about. An’ Oi’ll add some new ones from toime ter toime. Oi ‘ope yew loike ‘em, but if’n yew don’t, well yew don’t ‘ave ter look at ‘em do yew?
If'n yew loike romantic books about this sort o' stuff, yew c'd take a look at P St J's "Siberian Summer", But yew don't 'ave to unless yew want.

Luv from Jenno...
Jenno's Greenhouse 1:
Doin' climate science is friendly teamwork
an' discussion - sometoimes...

Jenno's Greenhouse 2:
A green'ouse is real good fer growin' greens -
'specially if'n yew add a bit o' carbon dioxide...


Jenno's Greenhouse 3:
Oi ain't no denier - Oi deny denyin' nuffink...

Jenno's Greenhouse 4:
Wevver yew loike it or not, weaver ain't climate...

Jenno's Greenhouse 5:
Oi reckon as 'ow there's far too much certainty
spoke when people go on about the climate.
The climate is real uncertain; cripes, Oi'm certain...!


Jenno's Greenhouse 6:
My climate science theory is right--
So there...!

Jenno's Greenhouse 7:
Countin' noses ain't doin' science. It ain't 'ow
many wot believe somefink, wot matters, but
wevver it's correct. 'Ave Oi got a consensus
on that...?
Jenno's Greenhouse 8:
Makin' models ain't doin' research; it's jus'
tinkerin' wiv equations an' numbers. Put in
somefink wot's wrong, or leave out somefink
wot's important, then cripes wot comes out when
yew crank the 'andle, ain't worf nuffink 'cept
ter tell yew yer wrong...

Jenno's Greenhouse 9:
Not ev'ryfink wot yew read about global warmin' c'n be true...

Jenno's Greenhouse 10:
Ev'ryfink 'as got ter fit the case-- if'n it don't, yer hypothesis ain't no good...

Makes yew fink don't it? Well, it ain't no more daft'n some of them ovver ideas floatin' around about the climate. An'  it don't give off no green'ouse gases neither-- well, not much any'ow...

Ter discover the real climate, Oi reckon as 'ow yew've got ter fink outside of the green'ouse box...
Wot yew believe is true -- particularly if'n it ain't -- leastways, that's wot Oi believe...
It were a cosmic ray wot done it...






  1. The best book ever, Siberian Summer. I read this and hold it dear. Peter St John a great writer and friend. A scientific genius who researches and has said this for a long time but no one hears. A man before time. Go buy.


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