Monday, 21 April 2014

Can You Cast Spells?

Jennospot 119  Can You Cast Spells?

Translated from a poem by Anne-Lise Brugger Grataloup, inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells:
The art of wonder,
The art of dwelling outside time
In space beyond limit?
Tell me…
Can you cast spells?

Are you, my misguided contemporaries,
Like me condemned
To run…ever breathless?

Oedipus has guessed aright,
The enigma is resolved
And man explained.
Agreed, say the myths
Now he must prove himself.

But tell me…
Can you cast spells?

Then suppose we dream…
Of leaping walls,
Dancing with the wind;
Flying arm in arm with angels;
Becoming herbs and flowers in fields
Rocked by dewy breezes.

Open your eyes
To moonless nights:
Recognise the star which shines for us
And laugh
In memory of the sand,
In memory of a well.

In the bright sky of our hopes
A little prince tends
His rose,
Lovely in its silk
Which dares
Declare a useless faith in seeming thorns
And worries for
The caterpillar
Becoming butterfly.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells,
The art of wonder
The art of a sheep inside a box
And of a serpent hat?

Suppose we go
To the desert's heart
Where gleams
The source.
Let's drink its limpid
Let's fill our flasks
And go on…
Magic, art, and wonder
For our friends.

Tell me…
Can you cast spells?

Wiv luv from Jenno.
Oi 'ope yew loike it….

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