Saturday, 29 March 2014

PStJ's Birfday

Jennospot 117  PStJ's Birfday

It's PStJ's birfday, an' the members of the "La Forge" Lit'ry Group took 'im out ter dinner. It weren't 'alf a barney. Well cripes, yew c'n tell can't yew, when Sally recited a poem wot she 'ad writ fer the occasion. An' 'ere it is, jus' fer fun. Well that's wot birfday parties are for, aint it? An' because o' that Oi ain't a-goin' ter try ter correct Sally's spellin' an' stuff; after all, that's wot the Lit'ry group is for, if'n yew see wot Oi mean…

Peter's Birthday

There once was a writer called Peter
Who liked poems with rhyme and with metre,
So at moments like this
Ginny fills him with bliss
And he's sure that no one can beat her.

A poem from Karin will move us,
And Rosalind's novel improve us,
Jules teases our brains,
Lesley writes of Great Danes (well poodles actually)
Peter's gang, of wartime manoeuvres.

Martha's family history's forthcoming,
Emanita to stage fame succumbing;
There's Leslie and Sanda
On Peter's veranda;
In her cradle is Amandine humming?

So the writers who meet at La Forge
Are meeting tonight just to gorge,
Celebrate a great day
When we all want to say:
Eat, drink and be merry just splurge. (Splorge?)

And let's raise a glass to toast Peter's
Birthday this year and repeaters.
Our thanks to our host
Who gives us the most
Of his time and his hospitality, and we'll make that rhyme another time…

'Appy birfday Peter, wiv love from Jenno... 

Cripes, Ginny 'as added anovver verse:
There’s someone left out of this tally
And that is our talented Sally
Her humorous verses
Delight and enchant us
Around Sally we “Forgers” all rally.
Thank yew, Ginny...

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