Monday, 24 February 2014

Moi Village o' Widdlin'ton

Jennospot 115  Widdlington

The village o' Widdlin'ton, where Oi live, is a noice little place; that is, if'n yew don't take too much notice of some of the people wot live there.

It's got a church, a chapel, a post office, a parish 'all, two pubs, a garage (wot ain't open 'cos of the war) an' six shops. The post office is run by Phoebe's muvver, but Phoebe an' me don't get along, so Oi ain't goin' ter show yew 'er picture.

The biggest shop in Widdlin'ton is Mr Hibberd's General Store. Mr Hibberd is a corporal in the 'Ome Guard, wot takes up a good bit of 'is toime nowadays, so 'is shop isn't always open. Still an' all, 'ee's mostly real obligin', 'cept that 'ee's always puttin' 'is spectacles down someplace where 'ee can't find 'em again. 'Ee don't see too good wivvout 'em.

There's over fings too, loike the Mill by the river, an' the Manor wot stands in a big private park. The Mill ain't workin' no more; not since the top bit got burned out jus' before the war, but there's a good swimmin' place just downstream of it.

Oi ought ter mention that there's two schools. Oi go ter one of 'em, wiv moi bruvver. The ovver one's fer the older kids, so Oi ain't goin' ter say nuffink more about it, not 'ere any'ow.

One of the pubs is called the Cock Inn. It's got a picture of a red rooster 'anging from a post by the front door. Whenever "Dummy" gets ter earn a shillin' or two, 'ee goes off ter The Cock, an' when 'ee comes out again, 'ee sometimes gets ter singin' an' shoutin' in The Street, wot gets 'im shut in the lock up fer a while.

The church is real old. It's called St Marys. There's a statue of 'er in a niche over the main porch. Yew wouldn't know it were 'er, 'cept that she's got a baby in 'er arms, cos she's been standin' up there so long, she's all worn away from the weather. Still an' all, she's the only one wot ain't lost 'er 'ead. 'cos there's lots o' ovver statues in various places around the church, but not one of 'em as got an 'ead. They say as 'ow it were Oliver Cromwell wot knocked their 'eads off four 'undred years ago, but wot 'ee 'ad against statues Oi dunno; after all, they're statues of saints, wot is more'n could be said of some o' them folk wot live in the village.

Any'ow, if'n yew'd loike ter know more about moi village, yew c'd always take a look at: an' then yew c'd start clickin' around on the map. If'n yew want, that is. Yew c'd even come an' visit, but that'd take a bit more organising…

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  1. Very nice post. I especially like that you added the history of Oliver Cromwell.