Sunday, 15 September 2013


Jennospot 103  Bees

A beekeepin' lady from Leigh
Got stung by a bee on the knee.
As she ran from the hive,
She cried: "I’ve to survive;
No more 'oney fer me!"

'Ave yew ever been stung by a bee? It ain't never 'appened ter me yet, an' Oi 'ope it never won't, 'cos Oi loike bees, 'specially them 'airy-bumbly ones, an' Oi loike 'oney an' all.

Bees ain't loike wasps, 'cos Oi've been stung several toimes by wasps. But they're diff'rent 'cos, not loike bees, they come around when yew're eating, an' try ter pinch bits o' food when yew ain't lookin'. If'n yew flap at 'em, they don't take the 'int an' go away. Mostly they seem ter call up reinforcements, an' it's usually then that yew c'n get stung.

Any'ow, it weren't moi intention ter talk about wasps 'cos there's plenty of 'em around, an' they go a-scavengin' not pollinatin'. It's the bees wot worry me 'cos, 'ave yew noticed, there don't seem ter be so many of 'em around these days. Fewer bees, means less 'oney, an' it also means that there c'd be less of ev'ryfink, 'cos flowers need the bees ter pollinate 'em, ovverwise they don't give no fruit an' seeds wot we eat.

There seem ter be fewer flowers around an' all, 'cos there are fewer meadows. Meadows are more an' more plowed up ter grow vegetables an' stuff, but clover's all roight an' ovver kinds o' flowers too, 'cos bees loike flowers. P'raps that's why Oi sometimes get follered by bees. They probably see me as a walkin' sunflower or somefink.

Well, there was that toime when Oi were wearin' moi poppy costume ter collect fer the Earl Haig Fund, an' Oi got follered fer ages by a big bumble-bee. That were real strange 'cos November ain't the toime fer bees ter be about. Wasps neither, fer that matter.

Any'ow, wot Oi wanted ter say is: keep a lookout fer the bees, it's important. An' don't get stung.

Luv from Jenno.


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    1. Rather be a pollinator, Ginger Dawn? Oi dunno, it'd be a bit fiddly Oi reckon. But as fer makin' 'oney, reckon as 'ow Oi c'd take lessons from yew...