Monday, 4 February 2013


Jennospot 92 Snow
There's some people as reckon as 'ow the world is getting' warmer and warmer. Well, people are free ter believe wotevver they loike, provided they don't get too stroppy about it, an' prap's they ain't wrong. Any'ow, when Oi look out the winder, Oi see it's snowin' again, wot is all roight wiv me, specially if'n Oi can't get ter school fer a couple o' days, but that don't 'ardly never 'appen, worst luck…

The best is, Oi've taken the wheels off'n moi cart "Emmeline P" an' fitted some runners, wot are actually a pair of old skis wot moi posh aunt Gertrude 'ad given 'er when she were young just before the Great War, but Oi don't fink she never used 'em, 'cos 'er 'usband got killed an' then she didn't 'ave no money ter go ter Switzerland, or wherever it is yew go fer the skiin' when yew're rich an' posh.

Still an' all, the skis make Emmeline P inter a real good sled. Oi went out wiv 'er last week, an' the snow were so deep Oi near got drowned in a snowdrift. Got moi boots full o' snow too, an' it went up moi sleeves. Cripes it weren't 'alf wet when it melted, but that didn't matter none 'cos Oi got real warm  strugglin' through the snow, an' up the 'ill. It were worf it too wiv the run down again. Me an' moi bruvver 'ad races wiv the rest of the Mob, 'cept fer J.J. 'oo 'ad ter help 'is mum split some logs an' bring 'em in fer the fire.

We've got a fire too, but only in the kitchen range wot we also do the cookin' on. The rest of the 'ouse is pretty parky this wevver, 'specially moi bedroom wot is up in the attic. Got a good view out the skylight though, when it ain't covered wiv snow. We ain't lucky loike them posh people wot live up Lions Avenue. They've got a fireplace in the livin' room. Only trouble is that yew've got make it ev'ry day. 'specially if'n there ain't nobody at 'ome most of the time, loike at Peter's place. Don't reckon as 'ow 'ee gets ter see a fire most days. Fact is, Oi know 'ee don't, 'cos there's ain't no smoke from 'is chimney. 'Ee just 'as ter put on an extra pullover. Reckon 'ee wouldn't mind too much if the world really were getting' a bit warmer.

Any'ow, it's snowin' again, an' Oi'm goin' out ter see if any'body wants ter go sleddin'.

'Ave yerself an' 'appy snowfall, wiv luv from Jenno.

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