Monday, 16 April 2012

Spring's A-Doin'

Jennospot 62  Spring's A-Doin'

"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. Oi wonder where the birdies is?". Yeah, well, cripes, it weren't me wot wrote that, though Oi must say, it c'd've been. Any'ow, wot Oi wanted ter say is, that it's officially springtoime now, wot is okay wiv me, 'cos it means that the weavver's goin' ter get better; leastways, Oi 'ope it is, 'cos Oi've already taken the snow runners off Emmeline P, an' put 'er wheels back on. It would be super ter race 'er down the 'ill at Akron, wiv the All-American Soapbox Derby, but that ain't no more than moi fantastic dream. Still an' all, it's important ter dream, don't yew fink?

Ev'ryfink wot's important starts wiv a dream. An' then the dreamer finks about it, an' finks about it, until 'ee or she says: "Cripes, that's enough dreamin', an' finkin', an' a-finkin': now Oi'm goin' ter start a-doin', so's Oi c'n see moi dream 'appenin'."

D'yew know wot Oi reckon? Oi reckon that all the winter, Nature 'as been a-dreamin', an' then when it starts warmin' up a bit, Nature gets ter finkin', an' a-finkin', till all of a sudden it's spring. That's the moment when Nature springs up an' gets a-doin'.

Yew c'n tell it's all 'appenin', loike in the poem, when yew see that the grass is riz. Only Peter ain't too chuffed about that, 'cos it means that 'ee's gotta get the lawn mower ready, wot 'ee don't loike doin'. There's lotsa flowers in the lawn loike, daisies, primroses, violets, an' moi fav'rite, speedwell. Oi tell Peter as 'ow 'ee's gotta mow around 'em, but 'ee don't take much notice. 'Ee says as 'ow 'ee don't loike a piebald lawn, an' as 'ow oi c'n mow it mesself, if'n Oi don't loike it. Yeah, well Oi s'pose 'ee's more or less roight…

As fer the birdies, well cripes, they keep getting' up earlier an' earlier, an' then singing their little 'earts out, earlier an' earlier. So Oi don't do no wonderin' about where they is, 'cos around 'ere at any rate, there ain't no doubt. There's even one wot's all yeller. No Oi don't mean that 'ee yells loike them ovvers; it's 'is colour wot is yeller. Trouble is, 'ee goes around ter all the winders a-tappin' on 'em wiv is beak, Gets ter be roight aggrannoyin' after a while, if'n yew understan' wot Oi mean. Oi 'ave ter draw the curtains. That stops 'im. 'Ee's gotta a roight appropriate noime though: 'Ee's called a yeller'ammer.

'Ave yerself an 'appy springtoime wiv lotsa good fings a-doin'.

Luv from Jenno.

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An' then there's Peter St John's website:
Yew c'n go there if'n yew loike. It’s not bad, ‘cos it’s got moi picture an’ ovver interesting stuff, but it’s less important, that’s all. Besides, 'is books ain't free, loike wot mine is…

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