Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tower of London

Jennospot 39 Tower of London

Peter'n me went ter Tower Hill, where that famous bridge is by the Tower of London. But there was an air-raid. Yeah, we 'ad ter take shelter an' all. It were a real adventure, an' cripes, was Oi ever 'ungry:

‘I can see the bridge!’

‘The sky's all red behind it.’ said Jenno.

‘The docks are over there. Listen, there's an ambulance bell.’

‘D'yew reckon they've been bombed?’

‘I reckon.’

‘C'n we go across the bridge?’

‘What about the Tower of London?’

‘Wot about it? Oi c'n see it. We're roight outside.’

‘It's famous.’

‘Yeah, but it'll be closed now. Let's cross the bridge afore it gets dark.’

Jenno looked up at the bridge.

‘Cripes, it's big when yew gets up close. D'yew fink they'll open it while we're 'ere?’

I shrugged. ‘Dunno Jenno. We might be lucky. What d'yew want to cross over for anyway? There isn't much the other side, only docks and warehouses. And look at all the smoke!’

‘Oi jus' want to. That's all.’

A policeman stopped us as we came out of the arch on the other side of the bridge.

‘Oi— where d'you kids think you're off to?’

‘Nowhere special, officer. We're just looking.’

‘D'you live here?’

‘We're visiting from the country.’

‘Have you got family here?’

I shook my head

‘Well then, you'd best go on back to the country right smartish. You can't go further along here. There's been a raid. There's a lot of damage and burning buildings.’

A fire engine clanged across the intersection ahead of us.

‘Come on Jenno— let's go back.’

Jenno didn't protest but turned and came back with me. In the middle of the bridge she stopped. We leaned on the parapet and gazed into the darkening water. Flecks of reflected fires rippled across from the flaming docks.

‘Moi mum must be worried.’

‘My aunt too.’

‘D'yew reckon they know we're in London?’

‘Mr Trundle would know: I bought a ticket from Lost-a-tanner Reggie. But who knows you're here too? Did you tell anyone?’

‘Oi reckon they'd guess.’

‘D'you suppose Roy or somebody told them about the petition?’

‘Oi reckon they'd 'ave ter tell 'em when we din't come back.’

‘You should have gone back when I told you to. Then at least your mum wouldn't be worried.’

‘Oi reckon— but Oi ain't sorry. Not if'n we c'n still save Dummy.’

‘Me neither.’

‘Cripes, Oi ain't 'alf 'ungry.’

‘Me too.’

‘D'yew reckon we c'd buy some food. We've got sixpence.’

‘There don't seem to be any shops around here.’

‘P'raps there's somefink up by the underground.’

‘Let's go and see before it gets completely dark.’

We stood on Tower Hill in the dusk looking around for food. There was a kiosk for sandwiches but it was closed. We wandered down towards the river but found nothing.

‘Cripes, that perliceman weren't wrong. Look at all them flames beyond the bridge.’

The siren sounded again. Searchlights came on. They swung stiffly around the sky seeking out the enemy. Anti-aircraft guns started firing in the distance.

‘Come on Jenno. We'd better find a shelter.’

We started up the slope, but were stopped by an air-raid warden. ‘Hey you kids. Get under cover quick. Come with me. There's a cellar next to the church.’

"Gang Petition" Chapter 21

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