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Gang Loyalty

Jennospot 27  Gang Loyalty

Somefink terrific 'as 'appened: moi fav'rite book 'as come out on Amazon Kindle, an' it got pictures of me in it an' all. Peter St John din't want ter do it at first; 'ee reckoned as 'ow it were too upsettin' wot wiv the war goin' on an all. Any'ow, Oi kept on at 'im, an' kept on at 'im, until  finally 'ee give in. It's about me an' the gang wot Oi got up. We called the gang the "Go-Getter Girls", only the boys din't appreciate it; Yeah— tough on them. Peter wrote it all down. 'Ee reckoned as 'ow it were about Gang Loyalty, so that's wot 'ee called it. Oi reckoned it ought ter' ave bin called "Jenno's Gang", only Peter didn't agree. Well, yew can't win 'em all, can yew? Sometoimes yew've gotta let 'em fink they're little tin gods, ovverwise they get tergevver an' yew can't never win nuffink. This is 'ow Peter started it off:

‘Even if'n we are in the middle of a war against Hitler’, said Jenno ferociously. ‘An' even if'n yew don't loike it, we girls are goin' ter foight fer our roights, an' it ain't yew wot's goin' ter stop me gettin' up a gang.’
‘But Jenno, be reasonable,’ I said. ‘Whoever d'you think is going to join it?’
‘There's Winnifred fer a start-off an' there are plenty of ovvers wot will want ter join. All them ovver girls wot is fed up ter the front teeth wiv yew boys.’
‘Winnifred King? But she's already a member of the Lions Avenue Lot— and you're in the Pepper Mill Lane Mob. They'll chuck you out for sure if you start a rival gang.’
‘Huh— they don't never share nuffink wiv us girls any'ow, an' if'n yew fink that's goin' ter stop us, yew've got anovver fink a-comin'.’
‘Jenno, what do you want with setting up another gang. Summer is nearly here, and there's the holidays, with games, picnics, swimming, cart-racing— ’
‘Yeah— that's roight. An' this summer we're goin' ter do all that stuff our way.’
‘You're nutty, Jenno. I still think it's a daft idea. It just won't work.’
‘It'll work all roight, jus' yew wait an' see. An' then yew boys'll be laughin' all over the ovver soide o' yer faces when yew ain't got no girls to 'elp yer out no more.’
‘What d'you mean— no girls to help us out? We can do all right, thank you, without any help from you.’
‘Huh, jus' yew wait— yew'll see. We'll get up our gang; no problem. An' don't yew go a-sayin' that Oi din't warn yew.’
‘Jenno, what's biting you? Don't be so fierce. I thought you were my friend.’
‘Yeah— well Oi still am ain't Oi. Only don't yew go a-finkin' yew c'n do an' say any ol' fing wot yew loike jus' 'cos yew're a boy. Us girls, we've got our roights too.’
‘All right Jenno, I'm not going to argue with you. You might very well be right.’
‘'Corse Oi'm roight. An' cripes, yew'd do worse than ter listen when Oi'm a-tellin' yew somefink important.’

Gang Loyalty Chapter 1

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