Sunday, 9 January 2011

Body Language

Jennospot 10  Body Language

This is moi first blog fer 2011 so: ‘appy New Year everybody!

D’yew know, somefink bizarre ‘as ‘appened (ain’t “bizarre” one o’ them super words?) ‘cos moi friend Peter were never much of a one fer poetry―me neither really―’ee always reckoned poetry was kinda mushy. Any’ow, ‘ere ‘ee is writin’ a bit o’ poetry, an’ wot’s more, getting’ it published an’ all. If’n you want, yew c’n find it on in the best five poems fer the month of November. Still an’ all, it ain’t really worth while lookin’ it up there, ‘cos, loike it or not, Oi’m goin’ ter give it to yew ‘ere. If’n yew ain’t ain’t inter poetry neither, well, yew don’t ‘ave ter read it unless yew really want to. After all, nobody’s forcin’ yew. But cripes, ‘ee don’t ‘alf use some posh words. So, loike it or lump it, ‘ere it is:

Body Language

The body feels the silence speak:
Acoustic eloquence of touch
A visceral, comprehending Braille,
Is voiceless in its lexicon:
Its verbs vibrate; its subjunctives
Caress its muted adjectives.
While gagged and speechless nouns redound
To sound the silent sinews.

Articulated messages,
In mute and mental mutterings;
Prompt jostling inarticulate cells
To semaphore their tingling tales.
The mumbling rumbling tummy drums
Its acquiescent resonance.
Thighs sigh belief in their relief:
Unvocalised vibrations.

So lips be still, let fingers work
And with their tender tactile tips
Delineate deft languages.
Let tongue and fingers lick and knead;
Through taste and touch and tickling, tease
The talking, tell-tale place of ease.
The body speaks responsive sense:
Be quiet and feel the meaning!

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