Thursday, 11 November 2010

Pocket Money

Jennospot 4 - Pocket Money

Oi reckon money's a problem fer most people: specially when yew ain't got none. Any'ow, Peter St John an' me, we was 'aving a bit of a difficulty over a bet wot 'ad ter do wiv cart racin', cos Oi didn't 'ave no money see, an' 'ee didn't 'ave none neither. In the finish, that didn't matter, 'cos we found a way ter make the bet in any case, Peter'n me, we're good friends, even if'n it don't always seem so. If'n yer interested, yew c'n read about it below:

‘You've got some money then, Jenno?’ asked Peter.
‘Yew're jokin' Oi don't 'ardly never 'ave no money. Moi mum says that she can't afford ter give pocket money ter the both of us. So it's moi bruvver, wot's the oldest, as gets the most of it. Oi get sixpence the second Saturday in the month an' 'ee gets it the rest o' the toime.’
‘I don't get any pocket money either, except sometimes my aunt gives me a few pennies that are left over when I do the shopping. Sometimes I get a bit for running errands for the neighbours.’
‘Wot about yer sweet coupons? Don't yew sell 'em at school?’
‘That's right, but I don't sell all of them. Besides they only fetch a penny each. Sometimes not even that. The best is when there's a wedding or a funeral and the choir is wanted. We get paid for that; usually two shillings or even half-a-crown. But that hasn't happened since Easter. Right now, I'm completely broke. Can't even buy a ha'penny gobstopper at Ma Jennings'.’
‘If Roy beats Dismal, Oi'll treat yer ter one.’
‘I can't pay you back if he loses.’
‘Come off it— 'Oo said anyfink about payin' back? Oi said Oi'll treat yer. If'n 'ee loses, then yew don't owe me nuffink.’
I thumped her gently on the shoulder. ‘Thanks Jenno.’
‘Don't mensh.’

(Gang Petition Chapter 4)

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